The Squeaky Boot


Last winter I needed a pair of waterproof leather boots. I had to look around a bit since you don’t just go down to the store and find a wide selection of size 14. I found a pair that felt good on the feet, looked to be well made, and priced reasonable for some good quality. I was excited about my new boots. I started wearing them and other than a loud squeak in the left boot, all was well. I figured the squeak was just due to the newness and it would work out.

Well, time rocked on and I noticed the boot continued to squeak. I thought “OK, I will fix that with some powder inside the boot.” Nope. That didn’t slow it down a bit. It was still squeaking with every step. I tried different kinds of socks. It still squeaked. I have examined it thoroughly and I cannot figure out what makes it squeak. I don’t like it because it brings attention to itself. When I walk into a place, every other step I take produces a noise that is very noticeable. I am probably the only one irritated by it and I have to overcome the slight embarrassment that I feel every time, but the boots are doing a fine job. They hold up to the weather great, keeping my feet cozy and dry. They are my friends every day when I slip them on first thing in the morning to walk the dogs in the early morning dew. When I have to wade water in the pouring rain as I go about my business, they are right there protecting me and helping me, even though they still squeak with every step. I appreciate my boots.

Just about everybody and everything from the President on down has an irritating, embarrassing “squeak” that draws attention to itself that has to be ignored or overcome. We are to glean the good from it all and let the bad go. Eat the fish and spit out the bones. In all of life we are instructed to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), and specifically to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2: 1, 2). With a new governmental administration coming in, it is not the time to “bail out”, but to overlook the “squeaks” and unite in prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill “In God We Trust…One nation under God.”


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