The Walk and the Works

Waylon and Willy, my two dog buddies, stay in close proximity to where I exit the house each day. Their outside condo is situated so that with the slight clicking of the turning of the door knob, they come out for the walk. If it is early, and they are still sleeping with the turning of the knob, they slowly come out and first do their lazy stretches. That is sort of their morning cup of coffee. Then the tail starts to gently wag as they assess the situation and anticipate the possibility that the time has come to go for a walk with “Papa Jack. Then when the word “Walk” is spoken, those tails instantly increase to a rapid rhythm like windshield wipers on fast, and two little furry bodies are moving around and bouncing up and down in great expectation of the forthcoming event. If they are already out, awake, and sitting on their little veranda when I step out of the house, I look over there and see four ears, four eyeballs, and two swinging tails trained on me with eager anticipation. This instantly turns to bounding expectation when they hear the word “Walk.”

In the scriptures, “hope” can be defined as “joyful, confident, expectation.” “Faith” is to “believe God’s word no matter what”. Faith is the substance, the conscious, living reality in our heart of things hoped for, producing a corresponding action (Hebrews 11:1; Romans 10:17). The Word has been given. Jesus has been resurrected and is alive today. The Holy Spirit is now available to every believer and the commission has been given for every believer to do the work of God here and now. The Word says believers can walk with Jesus and do the works of Jesus! (John 14:12) We can sleepily anticipate the possibility of this, but if we really hear this Word by the Spirit, we can believe and joyfully expect this because God’s Word does not fail. Maybe we, as Waylon and Willy, need to wake up and come out of our cozy little condo and really hear the Word, and realize the Master is alive and well, and we just need to get moving with him to see his mighty works. When our anticipation turns to expectation, and we move at the voice of his Word, then we walk with and see the works of Jesus.


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