Thin Ice

frozen pond

It seems like we had colder winters when I was a kid. We had 12,000 layers we tended to, and in the winter we had to spend a lot of time breaking ice in the watering trough in those long chicken houses. Dad built a trough out of wood and made it water proof with tar, that ran the full length of the building. We would start breaking ice on one end, and by the time we got to the far end, the water had frozen back over where we started, and have to start all over keeping that up all day to keep water for the chickens. And I remember how the ponds would freeze over and I would get out there by myself and ease out on that ice to see what it was going to do. If it started creaking and cracking I would ease back off. But as long as I could not hear any cracking, I would walk around and skate on it in my boot feet. It is a wonder that I survived my childhood and teen years. Even though those frozen ponds in those cold winters did support me at the time, no doubt, here in Arkansas, I was walking on thin ice. In time it was sure to break through.

Our country was founded on principles of the word of God by men who prayed and earnestly sought the face of God. Were those leaders perfect? No. But they knew and respected the ways of God. Our early educational system used the word of God profusely for illustrations to teach principles of life. God was acknowledged so he was able to direct the paths of the leaders (Proverbs 3:6) I took note when I pulled up behind a local sheriff’s patrol car, it had written across the bumper “In God we trust.” It is good to acknowledge God and his ways in all our ways in our country. We are about to vote in a new president. If we are allegiant to our country and its roots, we will not be swayed by media or mudslinging, we will vote for the platform that has the most points that is closest to the ways and word of God. When we vote in things that are contrary to the ways of God, we might walk around and skate on it for a while, but we are walking on thin ice. It is just a matter of time before it will erode and it all comes crashing in. Be responsible and go vote.



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