Toast and Bananas


One quick little pinch and pull on the opposite end of the stem of a banana, and that banana is ready to peel with very little effort at all.

Toast and jellyIf you will turn your toast over and put your jelly on the opposite side of the butter, you will get a fuller taste of the butter that will mix with the jelly as you chew. For my whole life I have struggled with peeling a banana from the stem end, and I have duly spread my jelly right on top of the buttered side of my toast and wished that I could get more butter flavor. But alas! I have found a better way! It was there all the time, right under my nose, but I didn’t do it because of the trap of tradition! “This is the way you do it, and this is just the way it is, so there you have it” was my thoughtless satisfaction. When I heard of another way and did it, then I knew that life can be easier and can carry a “fuller flavor” than what I had been experiencing.

John the Baptist and Jesus came preaching the message that is prophesied throughout the Word of God, “The kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1: 15). Repent means “to turn.” My paraphrase of that scripture is: “The power of God and the ‘fuller flavor’ of life is now available to you and within your grasp. Turn from your traditional way of doing things and learn and embrace and do God’s way of doing things.” Jesus and the early church made it abundantly clear to us that God’s power is now available and there is a way to live in the liberty of love even in the face of extreme adversity. We can keep peeling our bananas from the stem end and putting our jelly on the same side as our butter, but all we have to do is read the Book with an open mind and we can learn that God has a better way of doing things than the way we have “always” done things. There is supernatural power available to set us free, and there is a lifestyle of love to enhance our daily life. Jesus gives the Holy Spirit with supernatural gifts to help in daily life with less effort on our part, and that same Holy Spirit beams God’s love in our hearts and helps bring faith in our hearts that always brings a fuller and more pleasant flavor in life in every way. Enjoy your toast and bananas!


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