Tools to Take You Through

pilot on radioOne time back in my airplane flying days, I chose to fly into some sparse clouds on my way to eastern Arkansas from Arkadelphia. My thoughts were that I could just get through these clouds and break through to the other side for a clear shot to my destination. Not so. The more I flew, the thicker it got. I ended up having to get a DF steer, a semi SOS, in order to get me safely landed at the Pine Bluff airport. A wrong choice based on a false assumption could have cost me my life. At one point during that little jaunt, the top of a tall tower, probably a radio tower, with a flashing light on it, zipped past my left wing tip. That caused my disoriented brain to realize I was in trouble and needed to take some decisive measures to get out of my situation. I was not concerned about what anybody thought about me at that point. I just knew I needed help. I got on the radio and laid out my situation to them, and through constant communication with the tower, and by following their instructions implicitly I was brought safely to the Pine Bluff airport and landed. As soon as I tied my plane down and stepped into the lobby of the hangar, I looked out the window and watched a bank of fog roll across the runway and settle so thick, you could barely see the plane tied down from the hangar. Disaster was averted because of communication.

The Bible says “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13). Being saved from sin and sorry decisions hinges on communication with and following the instructions of God. Being “saved” in life’s daily situations and circumstances operates in the same manner. There are two kinds of prayer tools offered in the Bible: prayer with understanding and prayer “with the spirit” for when you don’t know how you should pray (1 Corinthians 14:15,18; Romans 8:26). Most of the time I don’t know how I should pray, so I key my “radio” praying “with the Holy Spirit” until understanding comes. I thank God for the tools and the lines of communication provided through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit so we can land safely in life’s flighty situations. (Jude 20,21)


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