Trash in Your Bucket

bucket of paint “They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing” (Psalms 34:10b). “Want” in the original Hebrew means “to lack”. Those who seek the Lord will not be lacking any good thing. Wow! That’s awesome! And Jesus said that those who seek first the kingdom of God “and his righteousness” will have good things added to their life (Matthew 6:33). It sounds like it really pays in every way to seek the Lord and his righteousness to allow him to have his way in our life. This is not a religious ritual. This is a practical way of daily life of communing with God to allow him to give input and direction so good things can happen.

Have you ever painted something and you wanted it to look really good and smooth, but you had trash in your paint? You might pick the trash off the painted area but when you go to smooth it out with your brush where you picked it off, you just put more trash on it. Unless something is changed, you just end up with a lumpy painted area. Life itself is going to give us enough lumps to deal with. We don’t need for the lumps on our painted area to be coming out of our own bucket!
That is the value of seeking the face of God. We need for him to look into our bucket of paint. It might look good on the surface, but all the trash that is hidden, suspended down in the paint, needs to be removed in order for the paint to be used for a good smooth job. God has the ability to strain the paint in such a way to get that trash out and still keep the paint for good things. If we want those good things that are promised in his word, we must spend time in his presence being totally honest with ourselves, and allow him to run us through his strainer of light and truth so the trash can be removed.
The word says when we “confess our sins”, or when we own up to and take responsibility for our sin as God shows it to us, then he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). He does this on the basis of the blood that Jesus shed for us to make us one with God. Because of what Jesus did, we can seek God’s face for our life and come into an eternal living relationship with him, and, we can daily live a life in his presence with him getting the trash out of our bucket so we can have the good things that he desires for us to have. ‘

It pays to seek God! It is only for our good.