Tribute to Becky

Just Married

Honeymoon 1993

B Buoyant. She was always upbeat with a big smile ready for all. She always had a sense of humor right to the end. She enjoyed life in spite of the obstacles.

E Excited about the things of God. That was my initial attraction to Becky. She was excited about and unashamed about Jesus. She would go “where angels fear to tread” – smuggling Bibles into China, witnessing¬† of Jesus in restaurants, on public transportation, in the streets night and day, and mission work in Mexico, the Philippines, Russia and India – and, of course, in churches. We taught together in a Bible school in India, and took a harrowing five hour bullet-riddled jeep ride up a hair-pinned “road” in the foothills of the Himalayas to share the good news of Jesus there. I don’t know where the bullet holes came from, and that driver, who spoke no English, only knew one speed – fast!- but we got there and back! It sure worked to hone our prayer life!

CConstant. She was level-headed, something that I needed to balance out my hair-brained ideas. When she said something, you could bank on it. She said exactly what she meant and meant exactly what she said.

K Kind to all. If malice ever did arise in her heart, it was not known abroad, as she would deal with such matters in her heart very quickly so it did not dominate her thinking and outlook on life and attitude toward people.

Y Youthful. She always looked younger than her age, even to the end Her attitude was always youthful and adventuresome. Now, she holds her youth forever.

Her earthly plane made a slow descent to the moment of touchdown, and at that moment her spirit took flight to be at home with the Lord Jesus and her loved ones who have gone on before her.

I was privileged to share 22 years with her. My life has been greatly enriched by her companionship. Her legacy of love remains with all who knew her. Because of Jesus, we can all share in this gift from God named Becky. She dictated a book sharing parts of her remarkable life trusting God’s faithfulness. It will be available to all in the future. 1-16-15

Becky went home to Jesus January 12, 2015, 11:05 am.