Triple Word Score

In the game of Scrabble there are certain squares on which you can place the little wooden, lettered tiles that will double or triple the value of the word that you form. The object of the game is to accumulate points, so you want to play on those extra value squares as much as possible. If you stay alert and perceptive to all that is on the board, you can take advantage of opportunities to play on the higher value squares. I was playing the game and was so narrowly focused on a way to make a word out of the inside part of the board that I failed to see two opportunities to play on the triple word squares that are located on the perimeter of the playing area. As soon as I played I saw the missed opportunity to really score big. It is easy for us to get so focused on the “internal” part of the board of life, that we fail to see the great opportunities that lay on the perimeter of our daily activities.

Jesus said watch and pray so that we would “enter not into temptation” (Matthew 26:41). In another place he said if we are watching, we will not allow the thief to break up our house, and another place he said if we are not looking for the Lord to come, we will be caught unprepared and experience the gnashing regret of not being ready when the time comes (Matthew 24:43, 50). In this game of life, we are to keep our perception large and give consideration to every “square” to score in the best possible way. In the game of scrabble, you have seven letters in your hand to make the most points possible with what you have. If we are spiritually dull, not watching, not listening, not considering every possibility, then we miss good opportunities to obtain the good things of the kingdom such as power, healing, and the eternal fruit of souls influenced and won to Jesus. As we turn our focus from the internal part of the board and see what is available on the perimeter of life, we can score big. Sometimes the big score comes from an internal combination and sometimes it comes from connecting to a triple word square. Bottom line is in all things, it pays to be spiritually attentive to what is going on around you and know that you can never go wrong by a total personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. In that way you get the triple word score of fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With the Almighty, the Savior, and the Guide working with you on a daily basis, you will come out victorious when the last tile is played.