True Beauty and Fulfillment

Barb and I decided to cut back a row of overgrown privet hedge on the east side of our property. We got this wild hair on one of the hottest days we have had so far, and, it was right before a light thunderstorm, so the humidity was hitting 100%. But, we liked the idea of getting it done, we had time, and we could quit anytime we wanted to. Actually, it started raining right at the time I cranked the chain saw up. We cut the hedge to about four and a half feet, so hopefully it will bush out and create a wall of hedge that is more under control than what was there. In the process of all this we noticed some of the roadside weeds and flowers blooming that I had gathered from various sources and planted along that east border of the lawn. The little bluish blossoms were so tiny, about the size of a straight pin head and intricately and exquisitely designed. Slightly larger was a little white flower similar to a daisy design, only so much smaller. We stopped and marveled at God’s beautiful creation. We took pictures with the phone so we can enlarge them and Barb plans to make a post on Facebook with a comment. We made the observation that what is generally considered as useless weeds that are usually a nuisance to most people, actually carry a stunning beauty in themselves.

This is how God looks at every person on the face of the earth. He knows his plans for every person to live in his goodness and mercy all the days of their lives. He sent his Son to conquer sin, sickness, and death itself to bring a beautiful life about to every person. The provisions are in place. That is why Jesus said to go and preach the gospel to every creature, so that every person can have the opportunity to live out their life and eternal destiny in the presence of God. Every plant is valuable in God’s plan who God has planted. He does his planting through his Son Jesus Christ. To embrace him as Lord and Savior and to obey and follow him is to be planted by God himself. As we feed on the words and life of Jesus Christ, we grow up in him and blossom with the beauty only God can uniquely create in each individual life. Every person is valuable in God’s kingdom. Every plant has a beauty and a purpose. We are each to “bloom where we are planted” to the glory of the name of Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit who is helping us here in daily life. We should not think we are small and insignificant. In God’s scheme of things, we each have a big purpose under his direction. And that is the key. We want to place ourselves under his direction and his planting. In that is true beauty and fulfillment.