Turkey Juice and Black Ashes

burn pileThe turkey had to be put in the oven and other food prepared and other last minute things done in preparation for 30 people to converge on the place for a fine family pot luck Thanksgiving. Included in preparations was making sure our little tawny colored 20 pound doggies, Waylon and Willy, were clean and brushed and looking fine for the big day.

My brother, Joe was up early too. He smoked a turkey in an outside cooker filling the air of the whole area with the good smell of smoking meat. He poured the excess turkey juice in the middle of the burn pile for disposal. Everything was looking good.

As the time approached I turned the boys out for their morning walk and became engaged in some other last minute preparations. When I decided to continue with their walk, they were nowhere to be found. As I continued to call they finally came. I did a double take as they approached. They both had black faces. Willy reminded me of a raccoon with his beady eyes shining out of a black mask and a black beard of the hairs hanging down from his face and mouth. They came happily, but somewhat sheepishly. They knew they had been into something forbidden, but it was sure good while they were there. But they were not going to let on like they had been in it. They probably figured nobody would ever know. Well, I got a towel and cleaned them up the best I could and put them back in their pen and we went through the day just great.

Sometimes we get into stuff and we think that we get by with it, but in reality, in our heart and mind, we have turkey juice and black ashes all over our face. God’s remedy for us is that we acknowledge what we have done and honestly and sincerely before God turn from that deed or those wrong choices. The good news is that Jesus died to cleanse us from sin, guilt, and condemnation. As we submit to him and receive his provision of his precious shed blood, we can be forgiven and filled with his Holy Spirit, peace, and joy.

We don’t have to live our whole life out with turkey juice and black ashes all over our face. We can be clean and free before God.


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