Two Dogs and a Cat

two dogs catAs an aid to controlling the mouse population on the place, a young cat was given to us. For Waylon and Willy, the sight of a cat evokes great commotion with much yapping, moaning, and squeals of desire, no doubt with visions in their minds of sinking their teeth deep into that cats little body. However, in time, with some stern “reproofs of instruction” and by them learning by experience that the cat can hold its own, Waylon and Willy have learned to respect Kitty Cat and even have some fun together. If their instincts were allowed to rule, there would be trouble in the camp, but by continued instruction and experience together, things are able to go very smoothly. Nowadays when the dogs and I take a walk on the trails through the woods, it is me, two dogs, and a cat walking together investigating the wonders of the woods. In fact, anytime I am out and around on the place, Kitty Cat will be right there “under foot”. A cat does not understand how to “heel.” So it is inadvertently always getting pushed out of the way, not understanding the mechanics of how a human walks. The boys will still enjoy a good “run for their money” chasing the cat up a tree or into the shop. Kitty Cat will go along with it for a time, then when tired of it, will stop and offer its claws to the boys, and they back off and happily go about their business.

Jesus prayed to his heavenly Father in John 17: 22-26 that his followers be “one, even as we are one…perfect in one…that the world may know that thou has sent me…that the love wherewith thou has loved me may be in them, and I in them.” There is unlimited diversity and differences in the church, but there is one common mission, and that is to get the good news of Jesus out to the whole world. That requires keeping personal desires and differences in check, and working together in a positive way to get the work done. That is being “perfect” (“mature”) in one. In this way, instead of continued commotion, there can be cooperation in the camp and the love can grow so the world will know: Jesus is alive and well and there are good things ahead for us all as we walk the trails of life enjoying the wonders of the woods together.


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