Unauthorized Activity

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On an early Saturday morning a call from an unfamiliar number came in on my cell phone. With the deluge of solicitors calling all through the week, and with this being an early Saturday morning, the first impulse after a flash of irritation, was to punch the silent button and just let the call ring as long as it wanted to without my answering it. For some reason I chose to answer the call. It was the monitoring service for my bank card contacting me about a transaction on my card in Miami, Florida. I let them know that the activity in question was not my activity. The card was cancelled, and I went through the process to obtain a new bank card. Having to do that and changing all the vendor accounts connected to that card is troublesome, but that is not nearly as troublesome as losing money to some faceless hackers. I was very thankful for the early warning system that is set up to let us know when there is unauthorized activity going on with our bank account.

Jesus authorized the perfect, finished work of salvation for every person alive. He conquered the unauthorized works of sin, flesh, sickness, Satan, and death. When we allow him to be the Lord of our life, his authority and power is available to us. His part is in place and operating flawlessly and faithfully. Our part is to take responsibility for our life and actions, and by our choice, on purpose, to take control of those things that need to be addressed, and do what needs to be done. God has promised to be with us and help us to do what he has told us to do. Grace is not a license to sin and do our own thing; it is the empowerment by God to overcome the unauthorized activity in the kingdom of God of sin, flesh, sickness, Satan, and death by our cooperation with God on a daily basis. By listening closely to our early warning system of the Word and Holy Spirit, and by choosing to do what needs to be done, we can experience God’s protection and full salvation which Jesus has purchased for us. Here is a good daily affirmation for this: “I am responsible. I am in control. I have God’s supernatural help to enable me to do what I need to do and overcome all unauthorized activity through the all powerful name of Jesus.”


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