What God Allows

What God Allows
He has allowed Jesus Christ to come and conquer sin, sickness, satan, and flesh, and give his righteous life to die for every person, and offer that sacrifice and righteous life as a free gift for victorious living to all who will submit to his Lordship and receive that gift and apply it to their life.
He has allowed all authority and the keys to the kingdom of God to be given to the church through the name of Jesus Christ, so that whatsoever the church binds on earth is bound in heaven and whatsoever the church looses on earth is loosed in heaven.
He has allowed man to have the privilege of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in all love, power, and righteousness as sons of God to rule and reign in life in a righteous manner, so that all may be benefitted and prosper in every area of life both here and hereafter.
He has allowed man to be joint-heirs with Jesus Christ so that all the blessings, honor, and glory that goes to him is seen and shared so that all may know that God is a good God and that he has designed and purposed for mankind to live in the abundance of his love, goodness, mercy, and favor in every way throughout life.
He has allowed satan to be stripped of his power and authority by Jesus Christ so that through the name of Jesus Christ in the church, satan’s stealing, killing, and destroying power is brought to an end and replaced by life and life more abundant.
He has allowed mankind, through being in Christ and in the name of Jesus Christ, to have the right and power to incorporate in their lives the life and provisions of God and all mankind be blessed. He allows man to refuse the life and provisions of God and bring upon himself the curse that comes from sin. Man allows the curse, not God. Man allows sickness, not God.
He has allowed the man in Christ to have abundance of revelation and understanding, so that he is exalted and lifted up in the life and power of God with all sufficient grace, to enable him to overcome all the thorns of life that comes his way through satan, by submission to and continuing in the Lordship of Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).
He has allowed the person in Christ to have and be baptized with the same Spirit of God that Jesus was baptized with and to have the same supernatural love of God and Holy Spirit gifts to operate in one’s life as Jesus had operating in his life.
He has allowed man to make the choice in the way in which he lives, and so reap the good fruit or the negative consequences of such choice. He allows man to choose a victorious and eternal life through the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and, he allows man to choose eternal death, defeat, and separation from the presence of God, through giving oneself to sin, flesh, and satan. God never sends someone to hell. Man chooses his own destiny.
God has come to mankind through the person of Jesus Christ to give abundant life in every way now and in all eternity. Satan comes through sin and flesh to steal, kill, and destroy now, and in all eternity. The life which you live out rests in your choice whether you submit to Jesus Christ as your Lord, or whether you submit to sin, flesh, and ultimately satan as your lord. Which way of life are you choosing today?