When Big Bird Comes Around

We have more on the escapades of Big Bird, the Great Blue Heron that hangs out around our house. In one article I told about how we saw a house cat poised to take him down, but he just gently lifted up big wings on the wind to calmly escape the feline threat. Well the other night, Jeffrey, Barb’s nephew, came and installed a new garbage disposal. As he left we noticed a sheen reflecting off the side of his white van. After he tapped the phone light on we could see some wet white substance splattered all over the side. Then I noticed white splats leading up to the van with an accumulation of it dripping off the side into a straight line onto the asphalt. Oops! I recognized all that! I have noticed the same thing in areas along the creek. And, one day I found that the gutter on the edge of the roof, the outside tables, and the concrete patio was splattered in the same way, and I figured out that Big Bird had been around. It looked like he had just perched for a while on the edge of the roof – it was a white mess to clean up! It was kind of humorously embarrassing, for the man who was so kind to do such a good job installing the disposal, to get pooped on by a huge bird. Not a good reward for such good work that he did, even though he was properly compensated with money. But we laughed.

Sometimes in life the “stuff” flies. When stuff happens we can either get our shotgun out and shoot the bird, possibly suffering the personal consequences of our illegal act, or we can get the hose out and wash it away and be done with it. So often we get bent out of shape over things, when if we will just calmly deal with it and let it go, we, and all others would be so much better off. We don’t need to carry the past presence of Big Bird around with us! Deal with it and let it go! By the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ the price of freedom from sin, sickness, strife, and sorry circumstances has been paid for. We can live in spiritual freedom even if we are bound by present physical conditions. As we continue in and maintain our spiritual freedom in Christ, then our physical conditions can change. Repenting, turning from our way, and believing the promises of God, and boldly confessing and speaking out God’s word will bring about change. We go from death to life by the power of the resurrected Son of God as he is revealed in us by the Word and Spirit of God. That same resurrection life heals and delivers in every way as we give place to him. There is so much goodness in the good news of Jesus. We just need to let Big Bird’s stuff go. Just wash it clean!