Where Are You Going?

Barb and I recently had a mission to take the wood splitter to her nephew living in a rural part of the state. A big limb fell off a huge oak tree that he needs to cut up and split to provide his Mom and Dad some firewood. So I loaded the splitter on a trailer and off we go in the general direction to Jeff’s place. It was a beautiful day. We had been to his place before, but neither of us discussed exactly how to get to the desired destination. We just loaded up and off we drove, enjoying the journey as we went. We were well into the trip, and the question was asked, “Do you know how to get to Jeff’s place?” I said, “No.” “Well, neither do I”, was the reply. So, out comes Google and from the big eye in the sky we get on track to be able to get to our desired destination without a problem.

Here’s the deal. We can jump into this vehicle called life and be all packed up with purpose and energy and be enjoying the journey as we merrily roll along. But, if we don’t know the specific directions that God has for our life, we can wander all over creation. And, even though we are enjoying the journey in the beginning, in due time we begin to realize that we are just going round and round. We realize we are not really getting anywhere we desire. Life becomes an expensive waste of time while we end up missing our desired destination. There is a better way. We need to stop the show and say, “Lord, I need you and your directions for my life!” Repentance, faith in Jesus Christ, and empowerment by the Holy Spirit can be our lifestyle that will guide us to our destiny in life and to our eternal destination with God. Christ suffered leaving the glories of heaven to come into this earthly realm for our sakes. As a man in this earthly realm, he suffered being rejected, beaten and whipped beyond recognition. Then, he was crucified unto death, giving himself as our substitute before God. What he secured on our behalf by his sacrifice unto God was forgiveness, healing, health, wisdom, understanding, and direction from God. His sacrifice positioned us in righteousness before God so that we have the privilege of walking with God Almighty in his love and power every day of our lives. Even in the “gray days” he is there for us with provision, enablement, and supernatural power from on high. He washes us clean from sin by his blood sacrifice, and by his resurrection from the dead he is alive today to impart the power of his Spirit to every believer. Our destination, our destiny, is to receive from him. It is up to us to hear the “Google” directions of his Word and respond to him in faith, daily committing our lives to walk with him.