Where’s the Butter?

butterFor a recent kitchen concoction, I could not find the butter in the refrigerator. My wife confidently assured me it was there. When I looked again, there it was front and center; it was there all the time.

Sometimes we need to hear words from someone who is confidently convinced of their validity. Even then, it might take some repetition for the reality of those words to become real to us.

Some women found the tomb of Jesus to be empty on the third day. They came and told the apostles, but their words to them seemed like “idle tales” and they did not believe them. Peter hurried to the tomb and went in and saw the linens folded neatly, but he left, “wondering in himself” about what had happened. A couple of people were walking along a road and the resurrected Jesus came alongside and walked and talked with them, but they did not recognize him because “their eyes were holden”. They were restrained from recognizing him. From what they said, it is evident that their unbelief and sad pity party they were having, focusing on Jesus’ death, was the power that kept them from recognizing the resurrected Jesus. Jesus reproved them and taught them from the scriptures in order to get them past their carnal perspective of things. With that, and seeing how he “took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them”, they finally recognized him. They went away from that meeting and went to the others saying, “The Lord is risen indeed”, and as they spoke those words with confidence, Jesus himself appeared in their midst of them all and ate with them and taught them. This opened their understanding that now it was the Holy Spirit coming in power to help them fulfill their future assignments.

We can go through life and never find the butter! The butter is here, right before us! Sometimes we need to hear the word from a bold, convinced source of the miracle-working, life-giving resurrected Jesus Christ to open our eyes that have been restrained by fears, prejudices, and unbelief, and read the Word for ourselves! The Word is true. Jesus is here, alive, and well, and he is the same yesterday, today, and forever to meet our needs and help us fulfill all our assignments in life. Luke 24


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