We enjoy having pots of flowers in our back yard, some just sitting around and some are hanging. We have a New Guinea Impatiens still in the pot that it came in, that I just sat down in a large decorative pot that is mounted on metal legs on one corner of the patio. It’s a beautiful, deep violet flower with deep green leaves that we really enjoy a lot. All the flowers are a pleasure to behold, but they all require consistent care. One sunny day I had forgotten to water the Impatiens. That beautiful plant was so wilted, it was lying down around all the sides of the larger pot that I have it sitting in. It looked pathetic and beyond hope. I was disappointed at the thought of losing our Impatiens. I watered it long and deep, giving it a good soaking. Did you know, I happened to notice that plant about an hour and a half later, and it had perked up, its branches now upright, not lying on the sides of the pot, but looking great!

What a picture of our spiritual life! When we fail to get that living water that comes only from the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit, we wilt! When the hot sun of life beats down on us, we need a spiritual resource that is beyond our own abilities if we are going to flourish in every way. The Bible tells us that God sends his rain on the just and unjust alike. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to repentance. He waters our life with blessing to keep us alive so we can turn to him and be released from sin to live in abundance here and hereafter. We can be wilted and lying on the sides of the pot of life, when a fresh drink from heaven would perk us up in every way. To repent means to change our way of thinking and doing things. If we keep thinking and doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results. When we turn and start applying the Word and Spirit of God to our lives, the Living Water starts to be taken up by the roots and life giving strength and healing flows into our minds and bodies, and our branches are raised off the sides of the pot to give praise to God. Without the Living Water we wilt spiritually and physically. Jesus said, speaking of the Holy Spirit, that those who believe will have rivers of living water to flow out of their inner being, (John 7:37-39). A sincere heart, asking God in faith for the fullness of his power and presence, will be rewarded if we ask him “long and deep” staying before him for “a good soaking”. Filled with his life, then our life becomes a beautiful, vibrant, bouquet of flowers with arms raised in praise to God.