Words to Win!

listIn the hustle and bustle of a new marriage and things to do and getting things done with many, many details to attend to, a comprehensive list of things to do and things to obtain can become very critical. Timing can be critical, so getting all this together efficiently and in time is of utmost importance.

It took quite a while to put the list together. “Ok, we got it all on paper, now, let’s go and start taking care of this stuff. Do you have the list?” The list, where is the list? “Well, it was on the table, and I put it in my shirt pocket…” So, the search began. Time was running out. “The list”, I called out as I looked where I had been, and where it possibly could be. “The list”, I called out repeatedly as I searched. I re-traced everything I had done and went every place I had been in the house and in the vehicle. We did not find it, so we went through it all again with me periodically calling out, “the list.” Finally, it floats into my mind a move that I had made in bending over to pick up some boxes and stuff. It could possibly have fallen out there. I returned to the spot, looked around and down, and there on the floor over next to the wall, was a folded piece of paper – the list.

I have followed this practice of calling things like this for many years. I base it on the fact that “God…calls those things which be not as though they were (Romans 4:17), and that we are to follow God in the way he operates. Words release power. With words I can make you sad, glad, or mad. Words can change the destiny of nations. Words can mend or rend families. When God’s words are released through our mouth, angels are dispatched into action (Psalms 103:20). The most powerful praying on earth is praying out what the Word says through Spirit-inspired faith (Acts 4:23-30). Solomon said life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21), and Jesus said we are set free or brought into bondage by the words we speak (Matthew 12:37). Words are given to you as precious tools. Use them to speak joy! Speak peace! Speak encouragement! Speak freedom! Speak life!

Live love!!!



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