You Got Rights

concealed carry licenseIt is my opinion that every responsible citizen should at least go through the eight hours of training to carry a concealed self defense weapon. Whether or not you actually carry is totally your choice, but the legal and actual training is a tool that everyone needs to carry. Every serious crook carries. Every oppressive government carries. Our forefathers had the foresight to address the basic rights of society to protect its own life and goods. With the video game glamorization of guns, shooting, and killing in our young generation and in society in general, we have spawned a drug-crazed mentality that “If I don’t like you” or “If I want what you’ve got” the gun comes out and headlines are made. I like the idea of the bank president who had signs posted on all entrances of the bank that said “Employees In This Bank Carry Concealed Weapons.” And there is a town I heard about that passed an ordinance stating something to the effect of every household being required to have a weapon of self defense, and crime was extremely low in that town. When the coward criminals know they have armed opposition in their face, they are much slower to carry out their dastardly deeds.

In the realm of the Spirit in the kingdom of God it is the same way. If we don’t know our position in Christ and our rights as a son or daughter of God, we will let people, life in general, and the devil himself run rough-shod over us and steal, kill, and destroy. Good training in the Word of God and in the Spirit of God produces a mentality of “We’ve got rights!” and we put opposition on notice that we don’t go down without a fight. Jesus took our sins away, healed our bodies, made the power of the Holy Spirit available to us, and secured prosperity and blessing for our family and for our life in general. If we don’t know what we have and if we don’t use the concealed weapon of the name of Jesus when stuff comes to rob from us and kill, then don’t blame God and say he did it to us when we lose it. Pray, obey, and receive the blessing. Use your faith weapon. Fight for your life and your goods! You got rights!


22 thoughts on “You Got Rights”

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