Your Christmas

The anticipation – “Can it really be!?!”
Then, the excitement of the moment – “Yes, it is, there it is!”.
The gift is discovered on Christmas morning.
I don’t know who was more excited, the Momma and Daddy or the children,
as the reality of the desire of a child’s heart unfolded before his or her eyes.
It is wonderful to watch such delight of discovery
coming from the heart of a child
as the gifts that mystically appear are joyfully received and claimed
as one’s own possession.
We have anticipation and longing for the gift of life,
and we often go out into the market place
to try to purchase just the right thing to fill that longing.
Sometimes we do find something that fulfills for a while,
and when the new wears off, we find ourselves still longing for “something.”
Father God is excited and delighted to provide a wonderful gift
for every person alive
that is totally and eternally fulfilling.
God’s gift to mankind came wrapped in a flesh body
totally identifying with the frailties of every human.
This wonderful gift was unwrapped,
torn open
by the hands of a self-serving religious and political system,
but God’s design in it all was that the beauty of his love and mercy
be given to the whole world.
What the world could not find to fulfill its longing,
God birthed in a barn and brought back from the dead
to deliver that gift of life to every longing heart that anticipates
“Can it really be!?!”
“Yes, it is, there it is!” – The gift, yes, the gift of eternal life
for every person,
eternal life embodied in the person of Jesus Christ
for all mankind.
You have waited “the whole year”.
You have tried one thing and another.
A kind of excitement and anticipation is building in your heart.
Your skepticism and doubts are not fulfilling; they are losing their power.
You would like to know you have the gift in hand.
Well, your Christmas morning is here!
Jesus Christ is God’s gift to you.
Simply wake up and receive your gift as a child.
Eternal life is in Christ.
You hear and hold to him and you have eternal life.
“Can it really be!?!”
“Yes, it is, here it is!”
Father God loves
seeing the delight of discovery filling the heart of his
newborn child.

Published in the paper 12-26-14


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