Your Time To Chime

wind chimes

We have several sets of wind chimes at our place. Some were made by my Dad and some were given as gifts. Each one has its own unique sound, and each one can be appreciated for what it is. You can know the wind is blowing around here by the sounds of the chimes outside. They are each fulfilling the purpose for which they were created – to make a pretty sound because of the wind.

The Bible speaks of a people whose purpose in life is to be a praise to God. One place says, this people have I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise (Isaiah 43:21), and another place says, the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord (Psalms 102:18). One symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Bible is wind. So as the wind moves and blows in the life of the believer, there is a response that is seen and heard by those around that person that directs the attention in one way, and that is praise for the goodness and faithfulness of God. Sometimes if you are wondering why you are hanging around, I am here to tell you it is so you can be a praise to God through the name of Jesus. This is perhaps the highest calling and purpose on earth. It sounds pretty important and pretty special for God to say he was going to create a people just for himself whose life would be a reflection of praises to him.

It takes the wind moving and blowing for a wind chime to make a sound. The key to being that vessel of praise that God has created you to be is to allow the Spirit to operate and blow in your life. Jesus Christ came and took your sins away by his own sacrifice. You receive that by faith. He sent the Holy Spirit back into the earth when he himself went back to heaven. You receive the Holy Spirit by faith, by believing his word.

So if you are wondering what your purpose is before God, you can know this: You are his unique creation to give him a melody of praise. As you just go about your daily life in the sweet presence of God through the finished work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, your life and your words will bring attention to the goodness and faithfulness of God with chimes of praise to the name of Jesus. Just let the wind blow each day to be that beautiful sounding chime unto God.


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