APPS To Live By

In today’s electronic, digital world, “applications”, or “apps” typically refers to small, specialized programs downloaded onto a phone or some other type mobile device that enables that device to do things that it could not do before. You can download all kinds of apps to enhance your phone. You can put games on your phone so you have a diversion for idle moments. There are Covid management apps, dog training apps, apps to watch movies, apps to help you shop, and apps to help you get organized. The list is endless because they are always coming out with new apps. One time I downloaded a pool game app and was able to play pool on my phone. That got old after a while and when I got a new phone, I never bothered to get that app again. My wife and I enjoy a little word game that you have to unscramble the given letters to make words that fit in a crossword puzzle format. It is fun and challenging to do that together. We have both downloaded a Bible with Strong’s Concordance so that we always have a Word reference source on the go. It comes in handy quite often. The GPS apps are great to give you turn-by-turn traveling directions. It sure beats the old map study method, although there are times when it is good to look at a physical map laid out before you.

An acronym occurred to me the other day using the letters APPS – Active Passionate Pursuit of Souls. In the kingdom of God, Jesus led in being the example of reaching out to others to administer healing, forgiveness, supernatural empowerment, comfort, guidance, building self-worth and many more helps in life. He lived a life of Active Passionate Pursuit of Souls. This is a group of APPS that every believer today needs to download into their lives to fulfill a life of following Jesus. In a hurting, violent world, by downloading the APPS, by applying commitment, self denial, believing the Word, and choosing to reach out and share that Word with others, change is brought about. All our lives need to be changed in some way. God has the power to change us for the good, whether for healing, strengthening, forgiveness, empowerment, or whatever we need. If who God is and what he has in place for us is never applied, it does us no good, nor does it any good for those around us. If there is Active Passionate Pursuit of Souls, the world can be changed – one soul at a time. We might be a device in ourselves who is alive and functioning, but by downloading APPS, so much more can be accomplished. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. We come to the Father through him to receive and to give out all that God has for us. Through Jesus our life can be more abundant if we will download the APPS.


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