Check the Connection

I grabbed my phone after having it on charge all night and got a glimpse that it had zero percent charge, then it blinked off. I unplugged it and plugged it in again to check it, and sure enough, when I had plugged it in the night before, I did not have a good connection so that it was discharging all night long. When I came to get it, the small amount of power that it took to light up the screen is all it took to completely drain it down to zero. Since I would not be leaving the house for a while, I re-connected it, making sure it was a good connection that was charging. By the time I would be ready to go, it would be ready to go. If we don’t pay attention, we, in our spiritual lives, can be living in a state of being drained, having zero percent charge. When it is time to go, and our screen lights up for the last time, it is seen that there is no life in us; we were not properly connected. But then it’s too late. I remember the little girl interviewing the leader of our mission group in Russia in 1995. There was a team of twenty two of us who went into the region around St. Petersburg. Working with interpreters, we would go into a village and canvass the village during the day praying for people, preaching the gospel of Jesus, and passing out flyers telling about the meeting to be held in the town hall that night. A regional television station came and did an interview that went live to millions of people. The girl doing the interview kept asking direct questions about Jesus and how to be saved and what was involved in being a Christian. When the interview was over she said to the leader that the reason she asked those questions was because she wanted to be saved and know this Jesus we were preaching. She realized she was not connected and had never been connected. She did accept Jesus and commit her life to him, the sure connection.

Many believers have let their connection get corroded with sin and the trials and cares of life. You are living in a state of being drained. As simply as I unplugged and re-plugged the phone we must unplug the bad connection and make a good, clean connection to the power source. By turning from sin and trusting in Jesus for cleansing, and by committing things into his hands, we can be filled with the Holy Spirit to be guided by him. In this way we will have the power to do what we need to do to keep the connection sure. The key to staying charged is simply to check our connection and make sure we are properly connected to the power source of God’s Word and Spirit.


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