Entitlement Mentality

Growing up as a kid, we developed an “entitlement mentality”. If we did not do what we were told, we were entitled to get a hard, hurting, spanking. We were told in no uncertain terms what for, but it was born of love and care. When we would work hard all afternoon hauling hay for up to a nickel a bale (most was 2 or 3 cents), then we were entitled to be paid, plus, we would get to take a dip in the Saline River when we were through, birthday suit style, and cool off. We were egg farmers. When we, as kids, did our daily chores, gathering eggs, feeding chickens, tending to whatever and all that needed tending to, we were entitled to sit down at the table with the family and eat whatever Momma fixed. If you did not like what she fixed, there was no whining and complaining. That would bring dire consequences. Much of what we ate was what we grew in the garden. When I say “what we grew in the garden”, again that was a shared, disciplined, responsibility among us all, working together to make it happen. In all of this, for this to work, there was a basic fear of God (respect for God) and a fear (respect) of parents, for we knew there were those “dire consequences” for not doing what we were told on both counts. I am approaching a full 70 years old this month. I look back and see how first the fear (respect) of God has been diminished from our society. I see how respect of parents and working together as a family unit has been diminished for many reasons.

Without going into a tirade of the “why’s”, bottom line, families have been under attack for many years. Statistics show the majority of us have felt the pain of that attack with many of us at fault in some degree. Now, this generation, from the top professional paid politicians on down, are operating on a much different “entitlement mentality”. It is not based on a reverence for God or for hard work or the sanctity of life and a family living and working together for common good. The first step for us all to take, no matter what “side” we are on, is to pray for the counsel of unrighteous ways, even if in ourselves, be brought to nought, and the counsel of the Lord to shine forth and stand. We need to pray the wicked, deviant, devices and ways in our society be foiled and rendered powerless, and the ways of God to be set in place and established. Let us do this for our generations and our nation. The problem that has developed is much bigger than what man can solve. But with God, all things are possible. We need his counsel and guidance that is available, if we will take it. This praying is based on Job 5:12, Psalms 33:10-12, and 2 Chronicles 7:14.


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