Four Paws in the Air

Waylon and Willy, my two little twenty pound, light tan, wiry haired rescue dogs, as with other dogs, loves to be patted and rubbed on. When we go walking together they will be all preoccupied sniffing around and investigating things, then suddenly they will just run over to me and jump up on my leg wanting some “lovin”. I generally give it to them, patting them on the head and scratching my fingers on their round little bodies in their coarse fur. If I do it for any length of time their paws will slowly slide down my leg from sheer relaxation and if I continue they will end up lying on the ground on their back with their paws up in the air, totally submitted to the ministration of what feels so good. Often times their eyes will be closed to just drink in unhindered the realization of all the good that is coming from their master.

A universal sign of surrender is hands up and eyes closed with one’s life placed totally at the mercy of the power over them. This is not done for show to impress others of one’s humility. It is done to surrender your life over to the power that is greater than you. It is done to receive what that greater power has for you. It is just between you and the greater power. When we have a realization of what God has done for us, and what he continually does for us, and we have praise and thanksgiving in our heart toward him, it is just natural to raise our hands to surrender our lives to him and honor him for who he is and what he does for us. He purchased us from the slave market of sin and adopted us for his own, to walk and talk with him all our days on earth. He has positioned us in Christ, seated together with him in all powerful heavenly places far above all the powers of our enemies, to rule and reign in life. Even when we go into adversities, by our communion with him we can have victory in the midst of the appearance of defeat. He is ever with us to help us. As we draw on his help, we worship him, we praise him, our hands go up in appreciation and honor to him. Truly, Jesus Christ is Lord, and we are not ashamed to confess and show that to God himself. Only selfish pride, fear of man, and lack of trusting God would keep us from surrendering all that we are and have unto him, and certainly, that is what would keep us from simply raising our hands in love and honor for who he is and what he has done for us. All creation is a testimony of the goodness and greatness of God. If a dog can raise all four to his master, certainly we should be able to put our two up to God.


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