Grab The Right Cup

We enjoyed a trip to Branson for a couple of days doing various things, with the highlight of the trip being to see the sight and sound production of JESUS. This is truly a spectacular portrayal of the life and ministry of Jesus. I highly recommend anyone going to see it. You can’t know what it is like until you go see it. Meanwhile, back at the motel one morning, I got up and went about getting one of those in-room cups of coffee. As with many motels, they had a little tray with clear plastic cups on one side for water and paper cups on the other side for coffee, with the packets of coffee, tea, and sugar in the middle. Being preoccupied with waking up, when the coffee was brewed, I grabbed one of the clear plastic cups and had to take my pocket knife to get the plastic off. It didn’t want to tear. So I did that and poured my coffee. I did not think about what I was doing until I was walking over to a chair to sit down and realized how hot that cup was in my hand. “Well, I’ll be! I grabbed the wrong cup!” I thought to myself. But I decided, “Well, for all the trouble I went to for this one, I’m just going to keep it.” So, I held it up around the top rim to drink it until I got it drunk down some. When Barb saw what I was doing, she asked, “Is that coffee you are drinking out of that cup?” I said, “Yes” and explained to her how it came to be. She just shook her head.

Sometimes we just settle for things that are less than the best. We just get by, figuring to get that which is designed for us, is more trouble than it is worth. Had I been paying attention to what I was doing, I would have gotten the paper cup which is insulated against the heat. Life can dish out some pretty hot stuff that can burn us or even cause us to drop the cup. We need to take all that God offers us in order to most effectively deal with things. When Jesus paid the price for us, he not only took our sins away, but he provided that we can live our life in the supernatural power of his Word and Spirit. Two provisions can help us to handle the hot things in life much better. To “stand on his Word” means to believe, confess, and take action in life according to the promises in his Word. To be “filled with and led by his Spirit” means that we yield to and receive the power of his Spirit by faith. Then, by “stepping out in faith”, we can experience the supernatural operation of the tools and weapons of the Spirit provided to help in daily life. We just need to grab the right cup. Luke 11:9-13.


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