In Earth as It is in Heaven

Years ago we were having student Bible studies in our home with students from the local universities in attendance. One evening a girl from Japan was invited to come who was of the Shinto religion. She did not want to come, but the friend insisted that she come with her. During the course of the meeting it was asked if anyone had any needs to pray about. It was discovered this girl had a bad headache, a chronic condition due to an accident. One of the attendees kneeled before her as she sat on the couch and prayed for the headache to go. The pain instantly left. She was then told that this same Jesus who healed her of the headache would take her sins away and give her new life. She received the Lord. I was told that the next day on campus, she went everywhere telling people what the Lord had done for her – a life transformed by the Lord through simple prayer, trusting God.

Prayer is a wonderful thing. Anyone can do it. It requires no special training. You can do as much or as little as you choose. The pay is commensurate with the work performed. The long term benefit potential is unlimited. You don’t have to be religious to do it. It can be done in any setting with good results. One prayer, from a heart bowing to God Almighty, repenting from sin and receiving the Savior Jesus Christ, can take you from the spiritual kingdom of darkness and put you in the kingdom of light and life in Christ Jesus, with, a destiny of heaven in the end. Then, you can live a lifestyle of prayer and communion with that great loving, merciful, and faithful God, seeing him work in ways and accomplish things that you in no way could ever do or accomplish. Jesus took the limits off how we are to pray. He said it was God’s will for things to be on earth as it is in heaven. There’s no sickness in heaven, so it’s God’s will for us to not be sick on earth. God’s will on earth began in the Garden of Eden. Man fell, but Jesus came to restore man back to God in every way. Jesus demonstrated God’s will on earth by healing all and forgiving all who came to him with an open heart, and he taught us to pray that way (Matthew 6:9-15). You can know – just as it is God’s will to forgive you of your sins, it is God’s will to heal you of your sickness and that you be healthy and live a long, satisfying life (Psalms 91:16). What a privilege we have through the work of Jesus Christ, that we can talk to Almighty God and come to know him as a loving Father, and receive all his provisions for us on a daily basis. “Yes Lord! ‘Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven’.”


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