In God We Trust

In the pursuit of independence, with the liberty to live and worship in the way one so desires, this country was born. There was persuasion from a dominating force, Great Britain, to keep the thirteen colonies under their jurisdiction. The people in pursuit of liberty chose not to submit to their demands. Lethal force in the form of the British army was used to bring the people back under their control. Lethal force was met with lethal force. The revolt was known as the Revolutionary War. George Washington led the people to victory and the United States of America was born. We celebrate this independence on July fourth. Our motto is “In God We Trust”.

In every person there is an innate desire to be free. We all want to be free spiritually, mentally, emotionally, in family, financially, socially, and eternally. The good news is that God wants us to be free in all these areas. He has provided the way for that freedom by sending Jesus Christ who obtained this for us. Man, in his pursuit for freedom, has come up with all kinds of religious beliefs and activities and systems of mental and emotional disciplines and exercises to be free in those areas. There are programs to address the pursuit of freedom in families, financially, and socially. Jesus came and boldly declared “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). He made it plain that he was the path to the Father for eternal freedom. He also plainly said that he came to give life abundantly for every area of life. And, he told us that there is a thief who is out to steal, kill, and destroy that abundance (John 10:10). That thief is Satan, who is working through sin and walking about with lethal force to rob us of our liberty and keep us under his jurisdiction spiritually, physically, and in every way. We can submit to his desires if we so choose or we can declare our own revolutionary war. We can submit to God and truly be born again, be filled with the Holy Spirit and power, and truly get the Word of God in our hand and mouth. In this way we can meet lethal force with lethal force, and through faith in Jesus Christ declare, obtain, and maintain our independence from Satan’s power in every way. The work that Jesus did for us is lethal force to the power of Satan. Because of Jesus, we can apply his word by his Spirit and fight to take our liberty in every area of life. In this way, with praises to his name, we can be free and adopt the motto: In God We Trust.


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