It Was There All the Time

My wife has a little word game called Wordscapes on her phone that we often play together. It consists of usually about seven letters that you make combinations to form words that go into a crossword puzzle format. When you get all the spaces filled with the words points are earned. It is fun and relaxing to do the puzzle when you want a moment of simple entertainment. Often it will work like this. You think you see all possible combinations of the letters to form words that fill in the blanks of the puzzle. You try and try to see a combination that will form a word to fill in those last blanks of the puzzle, but no matter how hard you try, you just don’t see it. The other person might get in on it and see it instantly, or, you lay it down for the moment and come back to it later and see it right away. It was there all along, you just could not see it at that time.

So many times this is the way things work in life in general and in the kingdom of God. It is well known that if you are facing a problem that you are making every effort to solve, you can often “sleep on it”, lay it aside a while then come back to it with a fresh perspective, and the solution will be found with hardly any effort at all. In things of the kingdom of God, there are truths that are well established in the Scriptures that we know about but we don’t “see” them, they are not really made real to us. Suddenly, one day we look at it and boom! There it is! It was there all the time, but we just could not “see” it.

Jesus said “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6). Jesus is all we need. Everything is in Jesus. In him there is forgiveness of sin and eternal life. There is fullness of the Holy Spirit and supernatural power and gifts of the Spirit. There is physical healing and health. There is salvation for the family. There is prosperity and abundant life in every way. All is paid for and provided to us for enjoying in this life and for spreading the good news of Jesus. Often we see only part of it, and lay the puzzle aside, leaving many word spaces blank in the game of life. God wants us to enjoy it all or he would not have provided it. It is all in the Bible. Just because we don’t see it today does not mean we won’t see it tomorrow. The key is to keep coming to Jesus, the Word, and let him show you the combinations that will form just the word or words that you need to fill the spaces of your life. Don’t miss a thing God has for you here and now, when it has been there for you all the time.


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