Jesus Is The Gift To All Mankind

This Jesus, whom the world celebrates in this season, was a man supernaturally sent and birthed into the world to save us from our sins. He came by the hand of God the Father and he grew up under the hand of God the Spirit teaching and guiding him. The Word declares that he himself is God whose name Emmanuel means “God with us.” As God in the beginning of creation was God and moved and spoke by his Spirit, so did Jesus move and speak by his Spirit. The Word says he was anointed by the Spirit of God to preach the gospel and go about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil. This Jesus came to bring order and freedom in our lives. He gave himself wholly to that mission. He took a terrible beating that left him unrecognizable, and then was hung on a cross to die. Some thought God was afflicting him, but he did this to take our sicknesses away, and to take our sins away, and to give us dominion and authority over the devil. He did all this as a gift to mankind. Did you catch that? He did all this as a gift to mankind. He gave himself and the work he accomplished as a gift to all mankind. He did this to help us with the things we face in life and to be with us when we face death. To receive the gift of him, of his person, by faith, is to receive his life and all that he accomplished for us. Our identification with him is by water baptism. Our power in him is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Our walk in his victory in this life is by walking in fellowship with the Father through the Spirit of God. This is the way Jesus did it for us. This is the way we do it for our own lives and for others. This Jesus who died for us was raised from the dead and lives today in the heavenly realm. His Spirit is sent to be his presence on earth in our lives. Just as we receive the person of Jesus by faith, we receive the person and operation of the Spirit in our lives by faith. We hear the Word, receive and embrace it, and take action accordingly. It is the same pattern in creation and the same pattern in the life and ministry of Jesus. He moved and spoke by the Spirit. He did it together to accomplish the work of God in the earth. We trust God and we move and speak by the Spirit to accomplish the work of God on the earth. It is living by faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He is God’s gift to all mankind to bring abundant life and liberty in every way. This wonderful gift is offered to you in love. It is extended to you. Will you receive Him?


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