Power Through Jesus Christ

Having encountered the Lord when I was about 14, my life was changed. All I wanted to do was read the Bible and learn more about Jesus and tell people about him. I actively began sharing Jesus everywhere I went with whoever would listen and with many who did not want to listen. Around the age of 19, recognized as “preacher”, I was ordained by a denominational church, and “pastored” in a couple of small churches. I actively shared the Lord in college. In the Word, I saw the early church operating in power that I knew nothing about, nor had I seen anything like it in the modern church. I knew God was the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8), and people’s needs were still the same as in “Bible days”. I was hungry and thirsty to know the God of the Bible and flow in the same power in which Jesus and the early church flowed. I heard about meetings in Little Rock where people were being filled with the Spirit just like in Bible days with the power of God being manifested in people’s lives as in the Bible. Some college buddies joined me in going to a meeting. The meeting was in a large fine home. There were probably about 25 people seated in chairs they brought in. One chair was set to itself. The speaker spoke and invited that if we wanted the Holy Spirit power of God in our lives, come sit in the chair for prayer. I immediately jumped up and quickly hurried to the chair and sat down. The speaker came over to me and laid a hand on my shoulder and said “There it is.” Silence. I was believing for the fullness of the power of God in my life, and I thought, “Well, there’s only one way to learn to swim, and that is to dive in!” In an act of faith and committal and yielding my life to Him, I opened my mouth to give breath to praise,  and out came a language from my inner being that I had never heard. I stood up speaking in another language and went to a bedroom to privately continue in my new language. This was the beginning of what I read about in the Bible. Jesus then became even more real to me and continues to be more real to me in every way. I have seen and continue to see miracles in my own and other people’s lives. The Heavenly Father is a person who is Father to me. The Son, Jesus Christ, is a person, who is my Lord and Savior for what he did for me. The Holy Spirit is a person, the Helper Jesus promised to be right with me in this life in supernatural power.  He helps with communication with God and helps empower me for an effective witness of Jesus Christ. They all work together as One God for power and victory in life.


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