Remove the Training Wheels

We have a 24’ x 24’ concrete slab behind our house that was once the floor of a carport. It now serves as an open patio with a basketball goal on one side and patio tables and chairs on the other. It is a place of year-round congregating as weather permits. Also parked on one side of the patio are four little bikes with training wheels. Great grandkids also enjoy this “speedway” throughout the year, the concrete surface providing a fine place to race and go round and round on their bikes. There will be a day the little bikes will no longer be used. Some kids use training wheels for a long time. Others skip the training wheel stage, and perhaps after a fall or two, go right into fully balanced riding without assistance. At some point the bikes will have no training wheels, and the kids will go on to bigger and better things, with the whole world of travel before them.

In our walk with the Lord, most of us go through a training wheel stage. We start out wobbly and depending on the guidance of others to keep us heading in the right direction. Then, as confidence and understanding grows, we launch out on our own in different areas. There might be a fall or two, but because we have the desire for God burning within us, we get up, brush ourselves off, bandage the scrapes and scratches, and keep pushing forward to master the challenge to be free to go places and do things in the Lord. We read in the Word of God how Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and power and went about doing good healing all who were oppressed of the devil, for God was with him (Acts 10:38). Jesus had his “training wheels” for a time. Then, when that time was fulfilled, it was time to launch out and ride. And he did that, carrying the presence of God into the lives of the people for deliverance in every way. There is power available to all today. God has provided through his Word and Spirit for each person to roll on and go places and do things in Him. God’s destiny is for us to grow beyond the 24 x 24 concrete patio with our religious training wheels. Jesus promised to pour his Spirit out upon all flesh, baptizing us with the Spirit and fire of God. Jesus promised to immerse us with that same Spirit that raised him from the dead. He promised the Spirit of love, truth, and wisdom to guide us into all truth, supernaturally empowering us, setting us free, and setting all free who will hear and obey him. Each one of us must remove the training wheels and launch out, with balance and determination, to receive all God has for us. As we do that, we don’t know where the journey will take us, but we know in the Lord it will be good.  


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