Standing on a Beautiful Floor

We discovered that we had hardwood floors under the carpet of the residence we purchased three years ago. I decided to rip the carpet out of the office and rent the drum sander and refinish it, and now in the office we have a beautiful natural finished white oak floor. We plan to do it room by room over a period of time until all the hardwood floors are exposed and refinished. Then, we can enjoy the beauty, the cleanness, and the versatility of decorating with the new floors.

Our nation was founded on beautiful, solid, Christian principles. Because of God’s blessing upon this nation, she rose to being the leader of the world. That foundation, that floor, has been carpeted over and now the carpet is old and dirty, beyond what can be cleaned. It is time to take that carpet out and get back to what really provided the support to make this nation great. The first step to do that is for believers to pray. Just yesterday a man said to me, “I am not worthy.” I asked him, “Do you believe on Jesus or are you believing on yourself?” He said, “On Jesus.” I said, “OK, what Jesus did for you made you worthy before God, because it is the worthiness of Jesus that is put to your account.” If we are believing on Jesus, we must understand that by his goodness and his righteousness we can come boldly to God and make our requests known. This kind of boldness is the true humility of reverencing the person and work of Jesus Christ instead of exalting our unworthiness. By looking unto Jesus, holding to his righteousness, we can pray over this nation that the hidden things of darkness be exposed in all our lives on every level of society and seen so that we can all turn from sin and get our lives lined up with God (1 Corinthians 4:5). We can pray that the counsel of the ungodly be dismantled and the counsel and ways of God be established for generations to come (Psalms 33:10-12). As we pray this way, based on the Word and the known will of God, relying on the worthiness of Jesus in our stead before God, and as we include ourselves in these prayers, God hears these prayers and moves on our behalf. As we pray this way, buckle up, we are in for a ride. There will be exposure on every level, starting with our own heart and life and extending to the highest levels of society.

We have big problems, but we have a bigger God, and faith in God through Jesus Christ will move mountains. We are living on a beautiful floor in this nation. Let’s pray in Jesus’ name and see God move in all our lives in a great way and rip out the corrupted coverings so the beauty of the foundation of what we are standing on can be clearly seen by all.


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