Surgery, Renovation, Abundant Life

We are all familiar with a doctor doing surgery to remove or repair something concerning our body. I once had a hernia that reached emergency proportions so I ended up in the ER. There, we got it resolved enough so in the next week I was able to have a regular surgical session scheduled and have it fixed. I should have had it fixed a long time before, but I did not. It has done well for years now with no impairment. I know of a man who had a dream concerning a certain person in a certain church in a certain town. The man in the dream had a good life, but he was hungry and thirsty for more of God. He had heard of some Christian leaders who had experienced more gifts and power of God in their lives, and this stirred him to desire the gifts and power of God even more. In the dream, the church the man was a part of was undergoing extensive renovation. The renovation of the church involved taking out, the surgical removal, if you will, of old windows, doors, walls, and other parts that impaired the full function of the facility. As with any renovation, it was a messy operation, but the end result was good. As a respected member of that church, this man’s walk with God would influence others toward having more of God’s gifts and power in their lives, also. The Lord sent a message to the man to encourage him to “earnestly desire” (1 Corinthians 12:31; 14:1) more of what God had for him. As he did this, the Lord met with him and graciously poured his Spirit out upon him, transforming his life, enhancing his walk with the Lord. He received that for which he was hungry and thirsty. As he continued to walk with the Lord Jesus in this more intimate way, the church was benefitted as were many others, even internationally.

The Lord ministers to us in such a way. We have things in our lives that impair his blessing to us and through us. There are concepts, practices, beliefs, opinions, and experiences that we carry that need to be surgically removed. He wants to remove the little windows of our building. He wants to install huge plate glass windows that allow a flood of light that dispels the hidden pockets of darkness that are harboring elements that impede the move of God in people’s lives. Through the operation of God in our lives we can come to a place of greater peace, joy, and fruitfulness in the kingdom of God with healing. Once the impairments are removed and the harmful conditions are repaired, there is a reconstruction with new materials on the established foundation of the Word of God with all the glory going to God. When the way is cleared so that what Jesus Christ accomplished for us is applied to our lives, abundant life is allowed to flow freely with healing.


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