Sweet Baby Bunny

“Oh, there’s sweet Baby Bunny!” we commented as we watch the little bunny navigate the back yard feeding here and there. We’ve been seeing him a lot at the archway beds that are overflowing with various flowers and the morning glory vines growing on the archway. I did notice that he was feeding on some of the Morning Glory leaves. My thoughts: “Well, it’s ok to have a few of the lower leaves. That won’t affect the beautiful vine growing on the archway.” Let me insert here. We are having a big back yard wedding at this archway in August. I very carefully guided the morning glory vines out of the rose bushes and up the trellis. We want that area to be beautiful for the ceremony. This morning as I noticed Baby Bunny feeding, again I noticed that he was at the archway bed. As I walked with the dogs around the yard just checking on things, I happened to notice an upper morning glory leaf wilted, then another, and another. “What’s this?” I thought. With a closer examination I was stunned to see morning glory vines shredded and lying around on the brick pads on which the archway sits . They were all cut except one, maybe two vines. It had happened earlier in the day. Cute little Baby Bunny has done a number on me. With everything grown up around where the morning glory is planted, blocking the sunlight to that spot, it will be hard to get more plants started. I’ve got a plan, but the damage is done. Sometimes we allow things in our life that starts out sweet, cute, fun, and feels good and right. But in the end, it robs us of the greater glory in life. Had I known, I would have put a protective wire mesh screen around those plants. I will do that for the remaining intact stems. A lot of effort and care has been invested to produce the beauty that we desire there. There is loss because of ignorance and failure to deal with the situation as it developed. That is why it is so important to know the Word of God and God’s way of doing things. His way works every time. Through the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf, he has provided enlightenment to guide us out of ways that are vulnerable to loss and into ways of abundant life and beauty. I will redeem as much of the remaining morning glory that I can and try to replant, but the loss is irreversible. And, that is where God meets us – broken, hopeless, impaired, and in an impossible situation with our vines shredded. Jesus said to a man in that kind of situation that if he could believe, all things are possible. The man cried out in tears, “Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief” (Mark 9:20-27). Through the Master Gardener, the man got his miracle. Take your brokenness to Him. He is your Answer!


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