Tell the Dogs to Get Into the Truck

Rolling down the interstate, I pulled over at the Flying J truck stop to gas up. While I was gassing up at the pumps, I observed a rather large lady, who was parked in a space in front of the building, trying to get one of two of her large dogs into the back seat of her truck. Talking and pointing was not working and pushing and pulling was not working. Finally, with much struggle, getting the front two legs in first, she sort of pushed and pulled and dragged the dog up into the seat of the truck. The other dog was standing by watching the whole show. He was not going in for her either. A man, I’m assuming her husband, walks out of the building and around to her and the dog, and says something. The dog hesitates. He says something again, and by appearances it was said with more sharpness. The dog promptly obeyed and jumped in the seat of the truck.

I think we all understand that we, the people of God, are the hands, the feet, the body, and the very presence of Jesus on the earth today. We also need to understand that we are the expression of faith and the voice of Jesus on the earth today, too. We carry his authority by faith, but we must give expression to that authority if it is going to be effective. Jesus said to speak to the mountains, the dogs of life, the obstacles, the things needed, in order for them to manifest, move, or change. We must know our place of operation in life and voice the authority that is given to us. We are the officers who give the orders. In the morning when I first get up, the first stretch that I do of my series of stretches, is that I get on my knees and bow down with my face to the floor to start loosening my back. It’s also a good position to submit my life to the Lord Jesus for that day with praise, thanksgiving, and making my requests known unto him. Here’s a good way to pray: “Thank you, Lord, for the faith, righteousness, and authority of Jesus put to my account, the wonderful gift that I did not work for. I praise you, and I speak to…“ and, start naming your mountains, and telling them the way it is going to be. You are not asking, you are telling them the way it is going to be. The man did not ask the dog to get into the truck, he told him with authority. Let the man, Christ Jesus who lives in you, do the speaking. You just give voice to him. He does not ask, beg, or plead. He speaks with authority. Tell the dogs to get into the truck. They obey the man of authority. See things move, change, and fall into place in good time. Give God all the praise, glory, and honor.


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