The Greatest Gift – Part Two

“For God so loved the world that he gave is only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). The all-sufficient gift embodied in the person of Jesus is more than forgiveness. Included in this gift is a principle in life called cleansing and renewal. In our bodies wastes and toxins are being washed out on a cellular level and fresh nutrients and fluids moved in to rebuild, restore, heal, and strengthen. In business inefficient workers are let go and new eager workers brought in. In a city garbage is moved out making room for new food and stuff to be brought in. A healthy mental lifestyle is a lifestyle of laying aside negative attitudes and emotions and embracing and maintaining positive ways of thinking and expression. Forgiveness in the kingdom of God is cleansing from sin. When Jesus died for us, that sacrifice before God secured our cleansing from sin. He was laid in a tomb of death, but on the third day he came out of that tomb, having conquered sin and death. He rose up in the power of the Spirit of God with all authority in the spirit realm. Now, he is alive forevermore to impart that same Spirit to those who embrace and believe on him committing their lives to him. Renewal is experienced as we yield our lives to the Spirit of God who makes the Word of God real to us with spiritual understanding. Having everlasting life is having his Spirit which is a life-giving Spirit that enlightens and leads us in the truth that sets us free. The Spirit of God “quickens” or “makes alive” our mortal bodies with this everlasting life here and now. Healing comes from a touch of everlasting life, just like a touch of electricity gives us a jolt, or lights up a string of Christmas lights (Romans 8:11). In the gift of everlasting life in Christ Jesus, there is the cleansing of forgiveness and the renewing operation of the Spirit of God in our life for healing, strengthening, and empowering in a supernatural way. Jesus taught that out of our innermost being, by the Spirit of God, as we believe on him, we would have “rivers” of living water to flow out to quench the thirst of whatever we need in our life or the lives of others (John 7:37-39). In this gift of Jesus there are rivers of forgiveness, empowerment, healing, miracles, wisdom, understanding, direction, sound judgment, common sense, boldness, and so much more. All this is embodied in Jesus and in everlasting life, alive and operating now, ready to go into effect in our lives and in the lives of others through the exercise of faith in him. Faith is embracing, believing, speaking, and acting on his Word above all we see, think, feel, taste, or hear. It is not a religious thing. It is receiving the gift and utilizing it with praise and thanksgiving to God.


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