The White Duck of Gentry Creek

While traveling from Arkadelphia to Delight, I saw in the distance a white object on the edge of the pavement. As I approached it I saw that it was a white duck sitting there with its head held up facing the road, and as I went by at about 60 mph, it never moved a feather. I thought, “Is that thing real or is that a stuffed duck?” I turned the van around and came back to it thinking it sure looked real. I got out of the van and only when I walked right up to it did it move its head a little. I reached down and picked it up with both hands. One leg just dangled; somehow it had gotten its leg broken. It did not have a good future where it was. I set it in the van and went back to where Gentry Creek crosses the highway and released it into the creek. As he swam up the creek I thought, “Well, he is more in his element now, maybe at least he has a chance.” And I went on my way.

Sometimes we get our leg broken in life and all we can do is just sit by the road. It is times like those that we need a helping hand to lift us up to carry us to the creek where we can at least have another chance. If we don’t get a helping hand we can just sit by the road until we waste away, or if we flop ourselves around until we get out in the road, we get run over. If we just sit there we become the proverbial “sitting duck” just waiting to get hit or become the victim of the next passing dog, fox, or coyote. Life will run off and leave you, run you over, or gobble you up.

No, it is good to help a brother or sister whose wing or leg has been broken for whatever reason and they are just sitting by the road of life. Everyone is of infinite value. Every person is paid for by the price of God’s own Son, Jesus. He gave his life so that every person could live life to the fullest. That is available to every person through forgiveness of sin, fullness of the Holy Spirit, undoubting belief in God’s faithfulness to his Word, and obedience to the promptings of his Spirit. If we swim in the river of God’s presence, we are in a position of rescue and refuge from the dangers of the highway and the predators of the woods. In that place there is healing from the injuries inflicted by life and people. Regardless of what has happened to us or what people have done, the person of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit, is good, is healthy, and is beneficial for our well-being. We can trust him with all our heart and be perfectly safe. He will take us from the side of the road to a haven of rest and healing and wholeness in his own way as only he can.



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