Which Way Your Blades?

We have one of those wind vanes in the back yard that is two wheels mounted on the same shaft. The blades on one wheel are angled one way, and the blades on the other wheel are angled the opposite way. When the wind hits the wheels one wheel turns one way and the other wheel turns the opposite way. The harder the wind, the harder and faster the wheels turn in the opposite direction. One windy day as I sat in the back yard, my attention was drawn to the spinning wheels. As I watched them spin, I realized we can be like those spinning wheels. The same wind of the Spirit of God that causes a person to go one way, is the same wind of the Spirit that causes another person to go the other way. It depends on how the blades are angled. As God deals with us all in various ways, if we have our blades angled toward what God wants and desires then as he deals with us we go in the direction he wants us to go. If our blades are angled toward what we want regardless of what God desires, as God deals with us, we will go in the way we desire, and, the harder the wind blows the harder we go our way. Winds of adversity can cause some to harden and go away from God, while that same wind will cause another to submit to God and call upon him and receive his deliverance and direction. How your blades are turned is just the way it is. But the good news is that God can turn our blades if we so desire him to. We can live a life of being hard and bitter and complaining about every gust of wind that comes along. Or, we can look to the Lord and call upon him to change our blades. Help us to see things from his perspective.  Help us to wait before him so that every wind that comes along, we will hear his Word and follow his Spirit to navigate whatever we are facing. Knowing his faithfulness, when we submit to him in this way, we can just start thanking him for the answer right up front. Keeping our blades turned to him with faith, praise, and thanksgiving processing the wind to his glory. What Jesus did for us positions us to receive the winds of God and the winds of adversity in such a way that we can live in victory in all “weather”. The blood cleanses from sin, the Spirit empowers within. It is the wind of the Spirit of God that we want to catch upon the blades of our life so we can spin in his love, his power, and his glory. We just call upon the Lord to birth a change in the direction of our blades. As we are changed by his power, we can spin in his plan for our life.


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