A Testimony of Healing

On the Sabbath day Jesus healed a man who was born blind. This caused quite a commotion amongst the religious authorities. An inquisition was set up by them to find out all the details concerning the event. One conclusion they came to was that Jesus could not be a true prophet of God because he did this healing on the Sabbath day. The man’s parents were called in to test the validity of the man being blind in the first place. They affirmed he was born blind. For fear of losing their membership in the synagogue, they would not commit to knowing how he got his sight. When the man was again queried, he told the inquirers that he did not know if Jesus was a sinner or not, but one thing he did know was that “I was blind, now I see” (John 9:25).

Having recently had an MRI, I was diagnosed with scholiosis (curvature of the spine), severe arthritis of the spine, and the cartilage between my vertebra was worn out. The compressed nerves accounted for the sometime debilitating pain in my right leg. I was brought to a place of desperation. I did not want to live on pain medications the rest of my life, and I did not want surgery. In seeking the mind of the Lord on the matter, I was directed to Joshua 1:8. For Joshua to lead the Israelites into the promised land, he was to keep the word of God in his heart to do it, and he was to “meditate” or “mutter” the word of God out loud day and night. By doing this he would prosper his way and have good success. Just like I was directed by the doctor to take a short round of medications each morning and evening, I felt like God was directing me to apply healing word to my situation morning and night. I was to speak it out loud. The word that I received was Luke 3:5 “every valley shall be filled…and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth”. I have been saying, “In the name of Jesus, I apply this word of God that says every valley of missing cartilage shall be filled. This crooked spine shall be made straight, and the rough places of arthritis shall be made smooth.” I have applied this morning and night and as many times in between that I wanted to. After doing this for about two weeks with no results, one day, there was no pain. I have continued with this word in my mouth on a daily basis for about two weeks with no pain. With the blind man that Jesus healed, I can say I don’t understand how it is working, but one thing I do know, I am not experiencing pain to this day and I am drug free. I give God all the praise.


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