Listen and Obey

As I was coming to a stop, I felt a slight jerk of the van and noticed a puff of bluish-white smoke coming off my left rear trailer tire. Once I let off, it seemed to roll okay, but what I discovered was that as I held light pressure on the brake the back trailer tire would “grab”. By “tapping” the brake I completed the present mission of assisting in a move, but I had to find out Monday what was going on. After describing to the mechanic what was happening, we did a thorough investigation. We looked at the electronic control, and didn’t really understand what it was doing. We took the tires off and examined the brakes. We opened the electrical connection on the trailer and found it to be okay. We did replace a rusty connection that we found there while we had it open, and saw that I needed to put some silicone on the opening where the wires went in to keep the moisture out. While I was standing there as they were putting the tires back on, it clearly came to me, “Look at the box again.” So with a determination to look that electronic control box over real good, I went and by tilting it down and getting my nose right up in there where it is, discovered a little slide button with a maximum/minimum indicator on the top of the box that was out of sight. It was slid all the way over on maximum. When I saw that, it all started coming back to me. I remembered how that when the control box was first installed, I adjusted the strength of electronic assistance to stopping the trailer with that little button. I had forgotten. We put the button on minimum and it was fine. The mechanic and I both confessed ignorance and carelessness, failing to inspect that control box thoroughly to understand how it worked.

A lot of times we must be reminded of the simplest, most basic things in order to maintain a successful and victorious walk with the Lord. The key is to hear what the Spirit is saying and obey his voice. If we acknowledge him in this way in our daily walk, he will show us the way we need to go and bring us through (Proverbs 3:5,6). Plus, in the process of dealing with these trailer brakes, I was able to give the mechanic the testimony of how Jesus healed me of my back problem through my verbal application of Luke 3:5. He gladly received the word and was encouraged to apply that same word on a consistent basis to some physical issues he was dealing with. So, with the trailer getting “fixed” and the new found fellowship we enjoyed, everything worked out for good.


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