A Good Choice To Make

A preacher, who is a plumber, went to one of our church attendee’s home to do a repair. He noticed tall grass growing out from around our church van that had been set aside due to a declined use in the ministry. For a long time, we intended to sell the van, but due to one thing or another, we just never got our act together to get it running and to the church parking lot to offer it for sale. He inquired about it because his young church is growing in an outreach ministry, and they need a van. The customer gave our name and he contacted us. The church board decided to give him the van. At the same time that he came to the house to do the paper work, Barbara’s daughter, who is very confident with this type paper work, just happened to come by the house for a visit on a late lunch break. She normally comes by about 11:30. On this day she happened by about 1:30, while the pastor was at our house. She assisted with correctly signing over the title to the young pastor. In 2013 the van was purchased for $11,000. It was our joy to sow the van into their ministry for a dollar and other considerations, plus, we are now hooked up with a ministry of like mind. The pastor was thrilled to get this ministry tool for which they had been praying. We all feel like the good timing and the connections that were made are “a God thing”. It was like the van was just set aside for this particular ministry to have.

It’s a beautiful thing to see God orchestrate things to bring about answers to prayers. There are many promises to those who “fear” or “reverence” the Lord. If we place God in the forefront of our life, acknowledging and giving place to the work that Jesus Christ has done for us, giving him honor, loving to spend time in his presence, God will honor the desires of our heart. “Delight thyself in the Lord; and he will give thee the desires of thine heart (Psalms 37:4). Delighting in God is a high form of reverencing God. Jesus taught that when we honor him, he will honor us. When we all walk together in one mind delighting in the Lord, in his Word, in his Spirit, and in following his ways, he is delighted in honoring requests made to him for his plan and glory. In this way, we often see his timing in things and the arrangements that he sets in place. Then, as we recognize what he is doing, even more delight and reverence and praise is evoked in our hearts toward him. He wants to be in our lives, in the small things and the big things, to bring about good for the good of all. We can choose to have him in our life, and it’s a good choice to make.


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