A Good Soldier

A soldier is trained and disciplined to carry out a mission under the direction of a superior authority. When a person joins the military, they leave behind life and identity as they knew it, and they are subject to the life and identity that the military gives them. They are told what to do and how to do it. They enter into a time called “boot camp” or “basic training” in which there is intensive training on every physical and mental level. This shows if a person can take the rigors of being in the military, and, it starts preparing a person to take on the mission ahead. When a person identifies with a particular area of activity within the military, they will be trained specifically in that area for expert efficiency. All of this is so the overall mission can be accomplished of defending our nation from enemies and doing what we need to do to obtain and maintain liberty and justice and for all.

A Christian is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus had a mission to carry out from the higher authority of his heavenly Father. This was his supreme motive in life. It is why he was alive. Carrying out the plans and desires of his heavenly Father was not only his top priority in life, it can be said it was his only priority. All else was subject to this. In order for him to accomplish this he maintained very close communion with his “headquarters”. He would arise early in the morning and spend whole nights in prayer and communion with his heavenly Father in order to be prepared for executing God’s order for the day. He was extremely careful to be faithful to his Father in hearing from him and carrying out his plan. Because he did this, he accomplished obtaining everything involved in eternal salvation for those who believe. To believe on and follow him is to have our identity changed to being a son of God. We are now in God’s army. In order to accomplish the mission he has called us to, we too must come under the training and discipline of a higher authority. Spending time with God in total commitment to him allows us to identify our areas of specialty in which he will work with us to develop into expert efficiency. He does this so we can be strong soldiers to maintain our personal freedom and to be a team member to provide freedom for others. Often we are carried by other’s spiritual strength, but there comes a time when we must take personal responsibility to do what the “higher authority” is calling for us to do to make it through the battle. Father God has designed for and wants you to be in victory. He calls you to turn loose of pride and self-sufficiency and apply his spiritual measures to fight your way out. A good soldier is totally committed to accomplishing Father’s mission.


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