A Lapse of True Reason Part 2

Jesus either rightfully laid out the truth for the whole world to see and follow, or he was a lunatic. From what he taught and the claims he made, it is one way or the other, there is no gray area. If he is all he claims to be, it is just good reason to pay close attention to what he said and follow the way he laid it all out before us. We must each choose which way we will believe. His Word tells us that his perfect sacrifice before God on our behalf is the full, final, and all-sufficient payment for our sin to make us right with God. Our good works cannot obtain eternal life. Good works are the evidence of God working in our life in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a lapse of true reason to think that we in ourselves can satisfy God’s holy justice on sin. Jesus is the only one who has done that for us. When we believe on and embrace him as Lord of our lives, we receive the power to become sons of God through cleansing from sin and infilling of the Holy Spirit. What we cannot do for ourselves before God, God did it for us. That is God’s reasoning. It is a lapse of true reason to think we can take God’s place. Some people think because they were baptized, they will go to heaven. This is a lapse of true reason. Baptism in itself only gets you wet. With faith in your heart that what Jesus did for you makes you right with God, baptism serves as an act of obedience to Jesus as your Lord, showing the world that you are now a follower of him. Another lapse of true reason is the idea a person has that because they are not afraid to die, they are okay with God. The mind can be conditioned in all sorts of ways. Just not being afraid to die does not make you right with God. Embracing the sacrifice of Jesus as Lord of your life makes you right with God. The frog that slowly had the temperature of the pan of water increased until he was boiled thought everything was okay, too. “I have peace and a very good life”, is another lapse of true reason. This classic bait and switch reasoning will keep you happy – until the last moment. “I believe when we die we are just gone”, is a common line of reason. The fact is every human spirit lives forever, whether you believe or not. A human spirit joined to God’s Spirit lives with God forever. A human spirit not joined to God’s Spirit, will live in eternal torment apart from God’s presence. Jesus taught this. Jesus came to provide the way for all people to be one with God. It is a lapse of true reason to not embrace him as the Lord of our life.


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