Apply Psalms 91

Regardless what is facing us, we need to be aware there are two fronts we need to address – the spiritual/mental aspect of it and the physical/practical aspect of it. One scenario to illustrate this is that we go to a doctor with something we are dealing with to be examined and assessed. When determined what is going on, then a plan of treatment is prescribed and that plan is implemented. By application of the medical professional skills and our cooperation with that, a plan of treatment is followed for the cure. The “spiritual/mental” part is to go to the doctor and be assessed. The “physical/practical” part is to receive and apply the treatment. If a bottle of pills is prescribed and we just leave the pills sitting in the bottle on the counter and never take them, then we have effectively negated any good that was made available to us by the examination and assessment of the doctor.

Today, at this moment, there is not only a world-scale pandemic of a virus, but there is also a pandemic of sin which always leads to death. The Word of God is the examining doctor. If we don’t ever go to the doctor to be examined and assessed to be treated, then we are a carrier that spreads and infects others around us with death-dealing sin. The Good News is this: we can go to the Word and see our heart, the very being of who we are, and we can see what is going on. We can apply that Word to our lives by the Holy Spirit and become “salt” and “light”, being set free from sin. This is why Jesus, also known as the Word, came and gave himself. He is the cure for sin, but if his assessment of us is never consulted and his remedy is never applied, pandemic results. For the spiritual/ mental aspect of life there is one scripture that needs to be spoken out loud over our lives every day: Psalms 91. For the physical/practical side of life there is one thing we need to do every day: repent, turn from revealed sin, and embrace the Good News of cleansing and renewed empowerment by the Word and Spirit of God. As we each do our part in this pandemic of sin, the tide of spiritual death can be abated. Eternal life, cradled in love, is the lifestyle of those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ in this way. Again, address the spiritual/mental part of this pandemic by speaking out loud Psalms 91. Carry out the physical/practical part by following the protocol of cleansing and keeping yourself from being a carrier of the pandemic to others. In this way the tide of death can be stopped.


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