Beauty in the Back Yard

In our back yard we often see a plethora of activity, particularly in the spring of the year. The mamma Robin, protecting her baby learning to fly, refuses to back off of the persistent squirrel wanting to eat seeds on the ground. With a flogging, pecking attack she runs him up a tree. The striking black and orange Baltimore Orioles, on their migration to Mexico, Central, and South America, stops in for a few days to enjoy the purple grape jelly from the jelly jar stationed among the feeders. There are five or six of them fluttering around enjoying the sweet fare and the seeds. They also love to indulge in pieces of orange. The red, white, and black Grosbeak steadily pecks away, getting as many seeds as he can from one of the feeders. A Blue Jay will swoop in and with his raucous carryings on, run them all away for a moment, but when he leaves they come right back. The bright red Cardinals, our year-round guests, join in with the group, enjoying the various seeds that have been placed before them. It seems they all know when the feeders have been freshly filled and the word gets around. With all this, the Robins are hopping around with their amazing ability to just hop over to a spot and with one peck pull up a wriggling worm. And they do this all over the yard! I can go out there and earnestly look for a worm and not find one worm. And with all this, a beautifully painted butterfly will drift onto the stage and with his calmness in being carried by the wind, and show his beauty for all to see. It is particularly entertaining in the spring for at this time the whole show has the backdrop of the blazing red roses. These two extended beds flank each side of the archway that leads to the rest of the back yard. All of this is framed all across the very back yard by the bamboo fence topped with lattice that I built when we widened the creek. The neighbor across the creek was kind enough to let me have the bamboo that we cut, and that’s what I did with that. We can all enjoy and glorify the Lord for the beauty of his marvelous creation. God is a creative God who enjoys beauty and diversity. Just studying the animals on earth attests to this fact. He did not have to do all this, but he did it to provide the “garden” for us to live in, maintain, and enjoy in God’s presence. Sin spoiled it all at one time, but Jesus took our sin upon himself. Because of Jesus we can be reconnected to the presence of God and enjoy him in all things. What a wonderful God! What a wonderful Savior! We can enjoy his goodness now and for all eternity through Jesus Christ! Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ our precious Lord!


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