When the Rain Comes

The annual Blue Diamonds ladies over fifty basketball team held their multi-family yard sale at our place last Friday and Saturday. It is a big event here with lots of stuff and lots of people coming through. I had the task of managing the cars as they came through, and the team of working women managed handling the stuff. Saturday it rained and then the sun came out on three occasions. It was tarps to cover things, then uncover and dry things off that got wet, three times. The first rain was first thing in the morning before they could finish setting things up. This put those of the team who were there in the house sitting out the rain yakking. It so happened that the women present had a keen interest in the things of the Lord, and the conversation went that direction. I was the only rooster in the coop so I just sat by and listened. I figured this was a women’s seminar and I would do best to keep mum, listen, and learn. My wife, Barbara, has been walking with the Lord for many years, and she is quite exercised in prayer and hearing God’s direction, and she does not mind ministering and praying with people in public places such as Wal Mart, Cracker Barrel, or any other place where need arises. Questions came to her like a Philadelphia lawyer on the hottest case in the county. “How do you know God’s voice?” and “What is the approach you can use to reach people for Jesus?” “How do you overcome fear?” This was the general tone of the questions and conversation, replete with testimonies and experiences of how God has worked in people’s lives. As I listened, here is some of what I heard. The basis of living a life of walking with God starts with falling in love with Jesus. Barb was rescued as she was flipping a car in La Grande, Oregon back in 1996. At the same instant it was happening, her Mom was prompted to pray in a Benton, Arkansas Sunday school class. God used other people just loving her with the love of God to draw her to himself. Later, Barb was diagnosed with 5 years to live with emphysema. She was supernaturally and instantly healed through the working of Jesus Christ. This Jesus, she fell in love with. This Jesus has gotten her through much and continues to be her closest companion. It is through love of and yieldedness to him that a person can walk with God. Does that make a person perfect without ever any fault or failure? Absolutely not! But what it does do is it puts you in relationship with the person who is perfect and who is without fault and without failure, and, who always has your best interest in mind. His name is Jesus. By loving him and yielding your life to believe him, you will find his directions in and through your life.


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