Clean the Windshield

Many years ago, I worked as a loader for a crop duster. He had a couple of planes at the time. One was a large plane that looked like a huge vulture with wings curved down on the ends. The other was a small tail dragger known as a “cub”. With this plane we would go into the backwoods areas around Sparkman, AR where there were cotton fields scattered around of various farmers. I would drive the eighteen-wheeler semi-truck that was outfitted to carry loading supplies. I would snake my way back through the woods on little dirt roads to get to a staging area in a cow pasture big enough for a landing strip. It did not take a lot of run way for the loaded cub airplane to take off. By running the cows off the runway area, the plane could safely take off and land. However, with the cows just removed from the area, there were deposits left behind. A plane with its engine that close to the ground creates a lot of suction against the surface of the earth. This air that is sucked up from the earth is very forcefully blown back over the airplane which creates lift which causes the plane to fly. Even when the plane has landed and sitting there with the engine going in idle mode, there is still a lot of suction going on. Part of my job in loading the plane was to clean the windshield of “deposited material”. That meant that when the pilot came in for another load of cotton spray, and turned his plane around, with him sitting there in idle mode, I would step up on the tire and wash the windshield. Sometimes it would be right over a “deposit” on the ground, and the suction would pull the deposit from the ground and abundantly splatter it all over me, the windshield, and other parts of the plane. The windshield had to be cleaned from that “deposit” along with what was picked up taking off and landing. With the new load, he would take off, do his spraying, return, and we repeated the whole process. Sometimes in life the “deposits” fly. It is not pleasant, and it must be cleaned so the job can be completed. How we deal with the bad, stinky stuff in life often determines the outcome. God gave abundant provision through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the beating which he endured, to clean all our stinky stuff. God’s provision is to wash all our sins and sicknesses away. The Word is abundantly clear. This provision is applied to the windshield of our life by our repentance from sin and faith in the accomplished work of Jesus Christ. Sickness is also covered in the covenant. It was demonstrated by Jesus, the disciples, and the early church. We can’t use the small rear-view mirror of life to see where we are going. Keep the windshield clean, look ahead, and keep flying.  


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