Time For An Update

I like for the number of words for this article to be five hundred words – not four hundred and ninety nine and not five hundred and one, but exactly five hundred words. That is not a requirement by the publisher. It is just something I like to do. For some time now I have noticed the draft of the articles sometimes appearing to be a little longer on the paper than at other times, but I just attributed it to maybe using some longer words or something.  One day I noticed the word count on the computer saying that I had five hundred and seven words. I proceeded to edit out unnecessary words. I took two words out. The count then read four hundred and ninety. My education from Arkadelphia elementary school taught me that five hundred and seven less two is five hundred and five, not, four hundred and ninety. I knew I had a computer issue. I tried to figure it out and could not. I took it to my computer repairman. He could not fix it. My version is a 2007 version of Word. It is so old Microsoft has quit supporting it. It is like driving a Model T Ford for which you cannot get parts to fix it. So having written this article today, my computer is going back into the shop to get an updated version of Word installed that will work correctly and be completely serviceable. There will be about five hundred words in this article. My OCD tendencies will just have to be at rest for today and until I get my new version going.  Sometimes, in the Lord, we need an updating. Things that have worked well for us in the past have become “stale” and “mundane”. We need a refreshing, like a cool dip in the water after a long hard day’s work in the hot summer time. God has made full provision for the “version” of our daily walk with him to be “updated” in an ongoing way. This provision is very simple. It is “repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:20-21). It is committing our life into God’s hands to allow him to remove what he desires to remove. It is to believe for and receive a fresh infilling of God’s presence, power, and provisions that is for us in Christ. In Christ we have forgiveness of sin, and fullness of the Spirit with supernatural peace, joy, and supernatural spiritual gifts. In Christ we have healing of heart, mind and body. Jesus said blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. We can say the pliable ones who release the past and grasp the promises of God in Christ, are updated and functioning in a new ability. These receive fresh provisions from God. Like a computer, we can all use a discarding of the old with an updating to the always available, uplifting, powerful, presence of God.


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