Dealing With the Moles

I had used the water hose the day before to wash all the mole hills and tunnels back down into the grass. With the damage that is being done to the beautiful St. Augustine grass lawn, that is the least I can do to try to repair it. It is also good to wash the dirt back down into the lawn before you mow, so you don’t mow into the dirt dulling the blade and possibly throwing rocks with the mower. Early the next morning, there was one big fresh mole hill in the lawn. I took the hose and ran water down into the hill. After about two minutes of running water down into the hole, out comes Mr. Mole looking for a breath of air. The flood of water worked to flush him out to be disposed of to save further damage of the lawn. Now it is a daily thing. Any evidence of mole activity catches the water hose in an effort to flush out another mole and to wash the dirt back down into the lawn to minimize the damage done.

The Bible refers to the ministry of the word to the church as “the washing of water by the word” (Ephesians 5:26). Sometimes there are moles in our life, doing damage to us on a daily basis. We don’t see the real culprit; we just see and have to deal with the evidence of its activity. Because he is operating in concealment, he continues to do his damage unchecked. The value of having the living word in our heart and before us is that the word of God has the ability to go into the hidden places and flush out and expose the real cause of the damage being done in our lives. It is the “washing of water by the word” that brings the real cause of things to light so we can be set free. Many times physical sickness has its root cause in a hidden spiritual or mental or emotional condition that was allowed to persist to the point of affecting the body. The good news is that through the word of the finished work of Jesus, these root causes can be seen and dealt with which will in turn bring about an improvement in or a complete release of the physical results of that cause. The Bible says if any are sick among you, call for the elders who will pray the prayer of faith and anoint with oil, and confess your faults one to another and pray, that you may be healed. As we humble ourselves to allow the word to penetrate our lives, that word will bring to light the hidden “moles” that are causing the problem so there can be a release and a healing. If the lawn of your life has some mole hills of sin or sickness in it, the washing of water by the word will be a sure help to you in Jesus’ name.


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